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Wellness Products

I truly believe in and use each of these amazing products every day. They are part of my daily regimen for wellness. They have done wonders for me, my friends, family and community.

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ASEA is a liquid of redox signaling molecules for optimal cellular damage / health, reducing inflammation, balancing hormones and stress, mental focus, digestive issues, fatigue, increased endurance and vascular health. The ASEA Gel also aids in rapid healing for tissue repair.

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Lifewave are phototherapy patches worn on the body. There are no chemicals or does it have contraindications with medications.  People first notice the balancing of their central nervous system and relief of pain. This is all done by your body’s own heat of your infrared light.



Healy is a microcurrent device which works either in person or remotely by tapping into one’s energetic frequency to bring about relief of physical pain. It also supports balancing emotions and overall wellness. I have used it for balancing my chakras, strengthening my immune system, for focus and comprehension and even for issues with my pets.

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Enagic SD501 is a water filtering medical device that is proven to help alkalize the body.  Change your water.  Change your life.

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Bemer is a microcirculation device.  What’s fascinating is that in an 8 minute session you can open 76,000 capillaries in your body.  That increases oxygen by 33%! 

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