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Distant Remote Reiki 


Reiki is an excellent energy tool that promotes release of stress, relaxation and healing whereby I focus hand positions remotely to achieve optimal wellness for a client’s body, mind and soul. Through intuition, energy movement and highlighting the areas that are congested, stuck or needing healing, balance can be attained. By focusing not just on the one area that is your concern, as a Reiki Master I pay attention and integrate all parts of yourself: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The gift of Reiki is the intrinsic ability to go to the part that needs healing. Reiki addresses stored pains or issues through a safe and gentle process so that you have courage and space to look at whatever comes up with my caring support.  In subtle ways, Reiki provides awareness while nourishing you at a deep level. Reiki should be regarded as a complement (not an alternative) to conventional medicine and other therapies. (See for more details about 13 peer-reviewed scientific studies of Reiki from 1998-2016.)

Reiki for Animals 


Reiki relieves stress, trauma, and improves mobility and healing, reduces aggression, improves behavior, and facilitates deep relaxation in animals. Reiki sessions are powerful from a distance and is ideal for animals who are learning to trust, and have fear or anxiety issues or are elderly.

*Animal sessions are 45 minutes.


How Does Distant Remote Reiki Work?


Distant remote Reiki enables me to send the Reiki energy easily and effectively through time and space.  Reiki energy is also not limited by distance. Distance is a physical limitation only. This enables the Reiki session to take place with you in one location and me as your practitioner in another transmitting energy beyond physical touch. 

The benefits of distant remote Reiki is that it is convenient if you are unable to schedule time away from work or home or are unable to travel. ​Clients often prefer it because of the convenience and ease.


Reiki distant remote sessions are done via Zoom or by phone without the need of an in-office visit. Your session starts with 45 minutes of Reiki followed by a 10 minute talk with you sharing your feedback and what you felt.


To prepare, be in a place where you will be undisturbed for the duration of your session. 


1 Hour Reiki Distant remote session = $80.

*First session $60. 


4 - 1 Hour Reiki Distant remote sessions = $300.

“Live for each second without hesitation.”
~ Elton John

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