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“Leighsa’s  guidance has helped me to elucidate my values, to find a path to pursue the things that will bring joy to my life, and to feel in control of my future. She is incredibly empathetic, insightful and encouraging, and the care she put into choosing the activities and interactions that would best serve my needs helped me to engage more fully in the process of redefining myself. Through her, I have been able to learn more about myself, my inclinations, values and needs, and what I need to do to make sure I am being true to who I am. Through the work she and I have done together I feel much more hopeful and excited about the next chapter of my life, and all the future chapters to come. And I feel like for maybe the first time in my life I can really construct the way I live to be in accordance with my true core values. I feel very blessed to have Leighsa as a coach, and recommend her highly to anyone looking to advance in their pursuit of a more fulfilling life...”
~ Abe R.

“Leighsa uses very powerful tools and imagery, she is an empath, and her senses and intuition are with you every step of the way. If you find yourself stuck in the quagmire of your own thinking about something that has happened in your life, or want to be shown a new approach to solving mysteries in how to mend your destructive self-talk, she can get you through it. Need to find the joy in living again?  She'll take you there. You owe it to yourself to connect with Leighsa…”
~ Trina B.

“She has the ability to create such a safe and encouraging space. I’ve been able to work through so many issues that have held me captive. Anything from my relationship with food to the excruciating moments of being a foster parent. I strongly recommend investing in yourself and having Leighsa coach you!”
~ Elizabeth S.


“I would be lost without our weekly zoom meeting which, I believe, is responsible for my business and life improving immensely.  I never realized the power of structured organization with the help of a true professional such as Leighsa. Each session always brings valuable insight thanks to her hard work. Thank you Leighsa.”
~ Michael D.


“It’s all about choices.  And the work you put into it. Leighsa helped me articulate my feelings and desire to move forward in many areas of my life in which I have felt stuck. She gave me insight on how to address the deeper and emotional things that cause me pause in my life. I gained more confidence and a clearer view of the direction I was headed in and the importance of not trying to take on everything all at once.  She provided me with an open platform to let my heart out, to be vulnerable and say out loud to myself those things that aren’t so easy to say without judgement. I am grateful for her kindness, firm direction and guidance. Thank you for walking with me on my path and helping me realize that the clay lies within my own hands, to shape and to create the life I choose…”
~ Stevie S.

“Leighsa helped me identify what is most important to me with her outstanding coaching skills. And guided me to focus on achieving goals and to have faith in myself to overcome fears and doubts about myself. Through her support, I discovered inner strengths I did not know I had. With her encouragement I figured out action steps to take for a health plan and focus on being motivated. She is an empowering and outstanding, empathic, no sugar coating anything mentor. She is a peaceful warrior, one whose life coaching you will treasure forever in your life…”
~ Michele L.

“Leighsa guided me with clarity techniques and strategies to bridge the gap between where I am now and where I want to be. We discussed ideas to help me reach my goals faster.  She is encouraging me and coaching me to perform at my highest level without being judgmental…”  
~ Lisa L.

"You can be anything you want to be.
Just turn yourself into anything you think that you could ever be."
~ Freddie Mercury

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