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I am a benevolent force for achievement, vision, and joy. 


As an entrepreneur, I created three successful companies, inspired teams, and supervised business growth. I was the founder of an award-winning event design company and have worked extensively in artist and music estate management and executive producing.


I also pushed myself through a titanic personal tragedy. I felt like I wanted to give up. I could not see future opportunities. But through this experience—as well as my volunteer work in grief and trauma peer counseling — I acquired tools to gain a personal understanding of what it takes to rebuild and explore life in new ways.


I know first-hand the stresses of balancing work requirements with unexpected changes in life, the needs of your partner, and keeping children nurtured and engaged. And I know what it takes to forge ahead in the darkest of times and find beauty and inspiration after a life-changing event.


This is what grounds and informs my work as an Intention Coach, Wellness Consultant and Certified Life Coach. It is what motivates and inspires me to share, guide and support people through similar challenges of their own. My expertise steers me to leave no detail unattended, and to intuitively "scan the bigger picture," to avoid letting anything slip past my attention.

I refuse to relent until an obstacle is overcome, deciphered, and removed.


My unique journey has given me the fortitude, tranquility, optimism, and mindfulness to get down to it—whatever that "it" may be for you—and collaborate with you to get you back on a path that fulfills you and makes you happy. This is my mission.


I know you will have the life that you choose.


  • I choose to live in the present

  • I know that forgiveness and acceptance heals us

  • I have a passion for time-travel stories

  • I "heart meld" with every animal I meet

  • I will never have enough books to read

  • It is essential for me to live near the ocean, a lake, or a river

Through Leighsa’s professional and life experiences, she brings an intuitive sensibility to build instant rapport and authenticity within groups as we co-create life lived with and by our choices and intentions.  It is by recognizing our individual and collective experiences that we contribute and collaborate in bringing about change. This is done navigating life’s changes and losses, support, awareness and empowerment. 

“Time may change me, but I can’t trace time.”
~ David Bowie

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